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arigato for all the memories even though they weren’t so sugoi

So drunk,so horny.

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*takes gulp of vodka straight from the bottle* my day was fine

I don’t like seeing people calling Shane Dawson “fake” he made an apology video and he stated that he was ignorant and he didn’t knew that so many people would get offended, and he feels like shit for that. He deleted the videos that thought that people would get offended with and said that he wouldn’t do it again because now he understood that he was wrong, It wasn’t him defending his actions, it was him saying that he fucked up real bad and he is gonna stop doing that kind of things. Please stop giving him shit, he’s one of the sweetest youtubers out there and it makes me sad that people are just being mean. Also the fact that some people who haven’t even watched the movie say it’s shit, just because his videos is horrible. 

He fucked up, he said and did some stupid things and he knows it. He knows and understands why some people are offended and yes, it was great that he apologized because that’s what you do when you make somebody feel bad. I feel that Shane is learning from what he did and that’s great. 

One thing that it’s bothering me a lot is how the only that ended up “alone” you could say, is Rin. And it makes me sad because Rei and Nagisa are still together on Iwatobi, Haru and Makoto are both in Tokyo, and Rin is all alone again in Australia because Sousuke is injured and couldn’t go Pro, and that makes me sad because i feel like it’s not fair. Basically it was Rin who helped Iwatobi in a way, who helped Haru to find his dream and he ends up alone again. Like i feel it would have been nice if Sousuke would have gone with Rin to Australia, but no, they fucked up Sousuke’s arm and now Rin is all alone. aaah.

Even if we end up walking different paths, we’ll always be connected to each other. There won’t be an end to us.

rinharu parallels: local stage to the international stage ↴

You’re going to swim for me.

I  w a n t  to swim in that world.